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Each box comes with the following chocolates and sweets as standard.

- 3 x chocolates (Double decker, dairy milk, curly wurly)
- 4 x sweets (Rowntrees randoms, Rowntrees jelly tots, drumstick, chewits)
Then, you have a choice of the following:
1 x biscuits (Digestives or Custard creams or Party rings)
1 x set of crisps (tayto original, Keogh's, tayto assorted)
1 x drink (Club orange, Club rockshandy, Cidona, Lilt)
3 x any pantry items 


Oh, Ireland. How I miss thee. The green fields, the people... THE SNACKS!!

This is the perfect Irish quarantine care package or Christmas present. 
Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Ireland will know how tasty Irish snacks and Pantry staples are. Anyone who hasn't tried them, you do not know what you're missing. Find your nearest Irish person and ask them. Cue bright eyes and excited smiles as they attempt to describe Irish Chocolate for you. If you really want to put a smile on their face, send them this snack pack as a surprise.  Perfect gift idea for him or her, anniversary , birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other special occasion. Our unique gift baskets are personally curated with Irish chocolates, snacks & treats. We ship internationally for those living abroad.

The "What do ye fancy?" Irish Snack Care Package

Pantry Sachet 1
Pantry Sachet 2
Pantry Sachet 3
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subsription
Get a different box of goodies each month and save 15%.
$42.50monthly/ auto-renew
  • - 4 x Sweets

    - 3 x Chocolate Bars

    - 3 x Choice of Pantry Sachets

    - 3 x Crisps

    - 1 x Choice of Drink

    - 1 x Choice of Biscuits

    - 1 x Supply of Barry's Tea

    - 1 x Personalised Greetings Card




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