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Balance. 2020 has replaced balance with unimaginable chaos. 

This year feels like a story even the most creative of writers couldn’t dream up. 


Let’s call our character The (amateur) Juggler.


Parent, non parent, married, single or in-between, working from home, commuting to work. Whatever the case may be, you are likely in the midst of your own juggling act.

You need time out. You earned time out. You deserve an “Evening to yourself”.


Put the proverbial juggle props aside. Unbox a “Breath of Fresh Eire”, a handcrafted wooden Tealight Candle Holder. They say a candle’s flame soothes the soul,  but ‘they' really should also credit the aesthetics of this piece.  Don’t worry if you burn through the first tea light, there is no time limit. Prolong your meditative state by adding on extra tea lights at checkout. 


Now for the real treat, peel off the Covid Masks and replace it with an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, collagen booster. For us, nothing says happy carefree Irish memories than buying Strawberries at the side of the road (trust us on this). We drew on this with ‘Pickles Potions' by making this face mask a Strawberry blend.


Now as a grown up, strawberries still induce happiness, only with Champagne this time. So our lovely friends at LIR in Co. Meath put together some champagne Strawberry Truffle Chocolates for you (Yes they include alcohol).


You are well into your “Evening to yourself” now. On the couch, in the bed, lathering up in the bathtub with our handmade Emerald Sheep Tallow soap, wherever you are, we hope you’re feeling great. It doesn’t end here, self care is a priority, not a luxury. ThankUbody created a reminder for you in the form of a compact zine of 70 suggestions for Self Care. You will never run out of ideas. Lastly, when you fasten your Irish Wish Bracelet, make a wish. May this bracelet be a reminder of the most important Circus Act of them all, Irish Strength and Perseverance.


"An Evening To Yourself" Care Package

Greetings Card/Gift Wrapping
Which chocolate would you like?
Do you want to add Hoof Healer Foot Balm?
Do you want to add extra Tealights?

  • 1 x Irish Wish Bracelet/ Anklet.

    1x Handmade Wooden Floral "Breath of Fresh E'ire" candle holder

    1x Apothecary Style Matches

    1x Pickles Potions Strawberry Clay Mask

    1x LIR Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffles

    1 x San Benito Emerald Isle Natural Sheep Tallow Soap

    1 x ThankUbody Self Care Zine

    1x 20 % off a virtual Tai-Chi lesson at The Laughing River





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