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Everything your dog could need in a care package when you're out and about this fall & winter!*


Your little Poodle might just be your BFF. Your German Shepherd might just be your little security guard. Your Great Dane might be your goofy gentle giant. Your Boxer might just bring that silly escape from 2020 that you need. Either way, all of our fur babies deserve to be treated as part of the family. Love and treats are a vital component of dog rearing... check out our personally curated homemade doggie care packages. As if your dog couldn't love you any more! 


Give your dog the Starbucks PUPkin Spice Latte experience with our "basic" fall Starbarks squeaky dog toy add-on. Or, if White Claw is more your style choose the White Paw squeaky dog toy. 


Choose from 3 cute and convenient dog poop bag dispensers that easily clip on to your dog's leash, your belt buckle or purse. 


Each dog care package comes with a unique vintage dog postcard that you can use to frame or mail to a doggo friend. 



Out of the Dog House Care Package

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser
Additional Dog Toy
Add Éire Dog Treats
Dog Wet Wipes
  • 1 x Set of 4 Festive Dog Toys

    - 1 x Set of 4 Éire Dog Treats

    Ingredients: Peanut butter, wheat flour, water, baking powder, unsweetened carob chips. 

    1 x Custom-made Dog Poop Bag Dispenser: choice of 3 patterns & includes disposable bags.  

    1 x Vintage Dog Postcard with envelope. 

    - Free Doggie Print Gift Wrapping


    Optional Add-ons:

    - Starbarks/White Paw Toy

    - Extra Éire Dog Treats




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