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The Misneach Matter (pronounced mish-nock) care package is inspired by the frontline workers, doctors, emergency service teams, waiters and all of us who have shown true misneach in these trying times. 


The word misneach primarily translates as courage. However, it goes much deeper than that. It also expresses faith, hope, bravery, endurance, and power... with a caring, and sympathetic twist! We love how this small word encompasses such deep meaning. Courage and kindness are not mutually exclusive and we can all show misneach regardless of gender. This is a box for all. 


So, after the year we've all had... Get the holidays off to a relaxing start using our handmade wooden wine & beer bottle opener.


Once poured, your drink will look mouth-wateringly good sitting on top of our vintage Guinness coasters.


If beer or wine isn't your thing you can crack open a bottle of your favourite Irish whiskey and use our Irish Hot Toddy kit. The smell of the cinnamon, cloves & lemon will make you feel like you're back in your favourite Irish bar.


Get the chips out and dip them into our delicious Snow Patrol Hot Sauces. We are currently the only place this side of the Atlantic where you can get them! Proceeds go to Music For All. 


Keep those lips from getting chapped in the winter air with our light and moisturising handmade Bourbon lip balm (mistletoe not included).


Just because 2020 hasn't been all fun and games doesn't mean the holidays can't. Keep your brain ticking over with our harder-than-it-looks beer keg 3D puzzle.


Finally, reward yourself with a nice bag of Rod's Angry Beef Jerky. 

Misneach Matters Care Package

Greetings Card/Gift Wrapping
Beef Jerky
Snow Patrol Hot Sauce
  • Each Misneach Matters care package includes:

    - 1 x Hot Irish Whiskey making kit gift wrapped with twine and enclosed in a durable and stylish silver tin (incl. Honey, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon sticks & dried lemon slices). 

    - 2 x Vintage Guinness Beer Coasters gift wrapped in a bespoke brown box gift wrapped with twine. 

    - 1 x Handmade Wooden Wine & Beer bottle Opener

    - 1 x Handmade Bourbon Lip Balm

    - 1 x Beer Keg shaped 3D Puzzle


    Then, you have a choice of:

    1 x Snow Patrol Hot Sauce

    • Chocolate - Chocolate habanero chilli sauce with mango and pink grapefruit.

    • Disaster Button - Carolina Reaper chilli sauce with mango and lime.

    2 x Flavors of Beef Jerky (8 flavors) 

    1 x Unique handmade craft greetings card (+$5) 




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