Staying connected to loved ones during the COVID19 pandemic.

2020 has really been that year. We survived the great national toilet paper shortage (probably due to the amount of banana bread everyone was making). The Carole Baskin part of quarantine feels like a decade ago. And to top it all off Tik Tok is getting banned on November 12th 2020.

While the government seems to be planning a Beyoncé surprise release announcement for the second wave lockdown, we are all left in limbo. For those of us living abroad, we haven't seen our friends or family in months due to the travel restrictions. So, how can we truly stay connected to our nearest and dearest?


I swear we all should've invested stocks in Zoom and Apple back in February. Zoom has seen a quarterly revenue increase up 355% from last year. For us regular folk, however, Zoom and Facetime have provided us with the means to enjoy our Quarantini Cocktail Happy Hour with loved ones around the world.

7pm Clapping

We all came together to acknowledge and honour the commitment and sheer dedication of the First Line workers. While it may feel like an empty gesture to some, for others it warms the heart and exemplifies how we show compassion and appreciation for others.

Reaching Out

Checking in on friends who may be self-isolating alone. Send them funny gifs or memes. You never know how much it can change someones day.

Send a Gift

Being far away from friends and family is not always easy. Especially in the middle of a global pandemic. Sometimes all we need is a bit of a pick-me-up from home. You can send a loved one, or yourself, a personalised care package with an Irish flair. Brighten up someones day and write a positive message in the personalised greetings card.

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