Socially Distanced Santa


A VERY SPECIAL GUEST breaks their 11 month silence and speaks exclusively to From over th'Éire to answer the question on everyone's mind this holiday season... "Is it safe for Santa to travel the world this year?"

With our Socially Distanced Santa care package the answer to that is... YES! Our care package aims to help your child understand the importance of following public health measures, for our safety as well as others', while also learning some important life lessons. Our care package includes all the necessary tools to ensure a safe socially distanced Christmas. Santa will receive a letter with a pre-written set of instructions, signed by the kids, which instructs him to put on a new face mask for every new house that he visits, to use our Christmas scented Santa hand sanitizer before entering the home, a magic key to get into the home, special food for the reindeers which helps keep them safe, too. Christmas is a time for receiving, but it's also a time for giving. Our care package includes a handmade donation envelope for kids to donate an amount of pocket money to Ronald McDonald House NYC, at Santa's request. RMH is a great cause which provides a supportive and caring place for kids to stay while battling cancer.

If there's to be one positive takeaway from 2020 it should be that our kids have grown into more empathetic, respectful, caring and tolerant human beings.

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