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What are Éire Miles?

The Éire Miles Rewards Program is our way of giving back to you, our loyal customers. Éire Miles are our virtual currency which can be exchanged at the checkout to earn discounts on your orders. 

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Step 1

Join our Éire Miles Loyalty Program

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Step 2

Choose a personlised

care package or subscription box

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Step 3

Earn Éire Miles on every order

Cartoon piggy bank.

step 4

Exchange your Éire Miles for rewards

How does it work?

For every $1 spent by placing an order you earn 5 Éire Miles. E.g. If you order the Life & Lineage care package for $60 you will earn 300 Éire Miles.


Get $1 off your next order for every 100 Éire Miles in your piggy bank. E.g. If you have 500 Éire Miles you will get $5 off your next order. 

Earn extra Éire Miles by completing tasks through your rewards account.

Eire miles reward program
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