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Homesickness… that unmistakable pang for home (in our case Ireland). It is an awful sinking feeling, a sad yearning for family friends and… food. (Not necessarily in that order ).

We are a brother and sister duo who left Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh well over a decade ago. Living away from home can be so hard on you, but also just as hard for the family and friends you have left at home. Thankfully now, we have FaceTime at the click of a button, group chats, social media updates and Happy Hour Zoom calls. These all provide a little calm in our busy lives, and often keeps the lonesome feeling at bay, for a while. But…

...what about at 8 o’clock at night when you’ve an unbelievable hankering for a bar of (Irish) Chocolate, or the morning after a few too many Jameson & Gingers and all you want is a Curry Chip and a bag of Crisps, or what about when you’re trying to bring a unique  Irish Charm to your (ridiculously) overpriced apartment? These are all feelings we both know too well. Our family would send us little packages of Goodies from home, but we often felt bad having them run around for us, oftentimes having to travel a bit to the nearest Post Office.

This is where our idea for “From Over Th’Eire” came from. The excitement of a surprise package, the joy of indulging in the contents and the heartfelt love of knowing you were thought of … without your Ma run around putting it together. We wanted you to be able to clock a button and combine nostalgic treats, a loving thought and our Irish Roots into one box.

We hope that for whoever this Care package is intended for gets that  big hug, we know they need.




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